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                 “Puzzle Shape” is an interactive game that is intended to be set up in a small room or gallery.  Standing in front of the Kinect the player must use his/her body to move the objects on screen, and complete each level successfully.  Ample room is necessary to provide the player with an adequate amount of space allowing the player to move his/her body freely in front of the kinect, while still being able to look at the projection screen in front of him/her.   “Puzzle Shape” is intended to be really fun, laid back, and easy to play.   I really want people to be able to sit in the gallery for as long as they want, and have a fun and enjoyable experience playing the game.  “Puzzle Shape” was created using Processing, an Xbox Kinect, and two lap top computers.  I was able to connect the two lap tops with a cross over cable, and OSC messages.


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