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              The physical appearance of the project is going to be simply the kinect , several computers, projector screens, and projectors.  I feel adding anything else would just take away from the game itself.  I want the central focus of the project to be the abstract imagery created from the interaction with the user.

I think the most important part is making it fun and user friendly.  I was thinking if this thing is sitting in the gallery, and people come up to play it they have to figure out how to play it pretty easily.  On top of that they have to find it entertaining or they will just stop playing, and forget about it.  So my goal is to make a simple, but fun and entertaining game that is visually interesting and exciting.

I think a lot of contemporary digital media art or contemporary art in general focuses on these overly complex topics which can get really annoying.  I feel with a lot of these art pieces the idea behind the artwork is more complex than the artwork itself.  A lot of these artists just use a bunch of big words when describing these projects, and then you go see the artwork in person and it actually isn’t that amazing.  I also feel a lot of the contemporary art tells us what to think, and doesn’t let the viewers of the artwork think about these issues for themselves.  It is like when you look at their art or interact with it they just throw a bunch of images at you or something and that’s it.  So I think Puzzle Shape will be interesting from an aesthetic point of view because it is the complete opposite.  I am intentionally constructing Puzzle Shape so it looks really cool visually, but at the same time is still really simple.  Instead of throwing a bunch of images at the user I want to make something where the user controls the imagery.  The user has the option to move his or her body however they want to, and create the images that they want to create.  Another interesting aspect of this is that it is my own unique rendition of a Kinect game.  I think people will find it interesting because it is not like a normal Kinect game at all.  I am intentionally constructing Puzzle Shape so it appears rather artsy and abstract, which I think is another reason people will find it interesting.  Ultimately I want anyone who plays it to have a fun experience, but at the same time I want it to be something that they have never seen before.  So I think the crazier and weirder I make it the more it will stand out, which hopefully people will appreciate.


XBox Kinect            $109.00        Purchased

Extra Laptop             —          Purchased

Used Projecter         $150.00        Not Purchased Yet

Technical Aspects

There is not much hardware involved in this project.  It is mostly programming, projectors, and projection screens.  I have a Kinect hooked up to the computer, and as I program everything I run Processing and test it out with the Kinect.  I will be hooking up another computer to this computer though.  I want to have another computer set up that will communicate with this one via OSC messages in Processing.   I would like to make it so when the person on screen moves their hands or body on the main screen it sends OSC messages to the other computer, and triggers visuals onto that Processing screen.  So essentially everything will just be projected onto a screen.  There shouldn’t be anything more than a few projectors, two computers, and an XBOX Kinect.


Week 2

— Continue to work with the Kinect in Processing: creating the code and lay out for the game

— I already have the libraries set up in Processing so it is just a matter of doing the coding.

— I am going to construct a start up screen then four levels. The Video Screen from the Kinect will always be in the top left corner which will let the player know where he/she should stand, and will allow the player to see his/her movements.

— Start to work on the Website

Week 3

— At this point I would like to have the start up screen set up, and possibly a rough version of the first level.

— So at this point if someone were to start playing the game they could access the start up screen, and start playing the first level.

— At this point I will be focusing on the mechanics and the coding of the game because I feel that that is the toughest part. Once the code is laid out I can fine tune the visual elements of the game.

— Continue to work on website, and prepare Mid Term Presentation

— make some videos for presentation

Week 4

— Present Mid-Term presentation, and website

— Ideally I will have the initial start up screen coded, and a rough of the first level completed.

— I should have a video of me testing out the first level to show to the class.

Week 5

— Start coding the second third and fourth levels

— I would like to concentrate on getting the coding and mechanics of the levels done. I want to make sure the game functions properly then if I need to I can tweak or make changes as needed to the visuals.

— Start to work on Paper

Week 6

— Continue coding the second third and fourth levels.

— Continue working on paper

Week 7

— Continue coding the second third and fourth levels

— prepare website for Final Presentation

— Finish up the paper

Week 8

— Present Final Presentation

— submit paper

— At this point the rough coding should be done for the entire main projection screen of the game.

— A person should be able to play the game all the way through

— The game should function properly at this point, but if I want to go back and tweak the visuals.

Week 9

— I would like to have the rough coding done.

— Although it the visual aspect of the game may not be finished. At this someone can play the game all the way through, and it will function properly.

— Start Photoshoping images for the start up screen and “possibly” backgrounds for levels

Week 10

— start coding the animations for the other processing screens

— start to test OSC Messages between two computers

— continue working on Photoshop start up screens, and backgrounds

Winter Break

— Since I have no life I will just work through the winter break. I think I can have the main projection screen finalized by the end of Winter Break. I will continue to work on the animation for the other computer, and test it out with the OSC messages. I will finish up the Photoshop start up screens.

Beginning of Next Quarter

— Main Projection Screen Done

— Photoshoped start up screen done, and backgrounds

— Finalizing the OSC Messages and animations with other computer

Mid Term of Next Quarter

— Ideally by this point I will have everything done, and can do various test runs on the project. To make sure it runs perfectly when I present it.

Final of Next Quarter

— Present it publically


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