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                  There are actually quite a few artists that influenced me in one way or another.  The two most influential artists are probably Myron Kruger with his project Video Place, and Oskar Fischinger with his abstract animations.  While these two artists are actually quite a bit older, I feel their artwork has definitely played a major role in influencing my project. I think Oskar Fischinger’s abstract animations are actually a really big influence because his animation proves that you can use really simple imagery to create something that is still really cool and fantastic.  I remember seeing his animations in one of the classes I took last year, and it made a lasting impression.  Myron Kruger is also another major influence.  Myron Kruger appears to be the founder of the video projection art form so I would say he influenced anyone and everyone that has done some sort of video projection artwork.  While his project is relatively interesting considering it is the first of its kind, I want to stay away from copying him.  I like the idea that he uses video projections in his art, but I want my design and imagery to be my own.  As I was surfing the web several weeks ago looking for different artists who are using the Kinect to make artwork, I found a contemporary artist called Chris O’Shea who makes really fun and interesting Kinect projects.  I am glad I came across Chris O’Shea’s artwork because his project is relatively similar to mine.  The visual elements of his game, Little Magic Stories, do not resemble mine at all and neither does the concept surrounding his game, but I think his game is similar because it is a contemporary Kinect project.  It is interesting comparing my project to his project.  I think his project looks a lot more like a real Kinect game than mine does.  I do not think it is that unique, but I like it’s simplicity.  After watching the videos he made of the projects, it is obvious that he has a little more funding than I do.  You can tell he is using some really expensive lighting in the background.  So if I were to compare my project to his I think mine would be a little more interesting given the fact that I don’t have that big of a budget, and I am constructing a more abstract Kinect game where his is more of a artistic representation of a real life Kinect game.

            Finally I wanted to find an artist who does not use any digital components in his artwork, but still had some sort of interactivity in their artwork.  Since my project is also an installation I looked for artists that worked with a lot of installations.  I found that Allan Kaprow was one of the pioneers of installation art.  With the invention of his “Happenings” he created a new form of interactive installation art, which my art project appears to fall under.  I do not think my project resembles any of his “Happenings” at all, but I think the fact that he is one of the pioneers of installation art means that any of his artwork has relevance to mine.  While his interactive installations are interesting I think they would be a little old fashion in comparison to mine, mine is different because it is an interactive installation of the 21st century.  I think my installation revolves more around digital technology where his installations didn’t.

            Unfortunately I do not think Puzzle Shape is the first artistic Kinect game, but I think it is relatively unique.  After searching the internet for different artists who use the kinect and do not use the kinect in their artwork, I have yet to see anything like Puzzle Shape.  Maybe somewhere down the line someone will come across Puzzle Shape, and it will influence one of their art projects.


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